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**Even if your brand isn't listed, our NFI Certified technicians can troubleshoot and repair just about anything!

Used Stoves:

Many people today sell their used stoves on sites like E-Bay, Craig's List, or local Buy/Sell/Trade.  If you are thinking about buying a used gas or pellet stove and want professional advice first, give us a call at 208-530-0320 for a free, no-nonsense consultation.  We are experienced on most all brands, makes and models, and can help guide you through the used buying market.

Gas & Pellet Brands we Service


Pellet stoves are a wonderful alternate heating appliance.  They produce a nice solid fuel heat that warms your heart as well as your home.  All pellet manufactures recommend annual maintenance to keep your pellet stove working at peak performance.  An annual service from Idaho Stove Works includes:  full check of all electrical components including the convection fan, combustion motor, and auger motor; lubrication of fans & motors; power sweeping of venting pipe from stove to termination; internal cleaning of air channels, burn pot, and ash trap; check of door & window gaskets for leaks; adjustment of air dampers; plus more.  Idaho Stove Works always recommends a carbon monoxide detector in addition to smoke detectors, and replacing the batteries during an annual maintenance visit.  


Pellet stoves have a variety of mechanical and electrical components that will eventually wear out and need replacing.  Some common issues are: auger won't turn; igniter won't light; smoke leaking into room; flame fluctuates; you have strange or odd odors; you hear strange sounds; or your stove won't run at all.  Idaho Stove Works NFI Certified technicians can troubleshoot and repair most problems.




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Whether you purchased your stove from us, another retailer, or online, Idaho Stove Works has a professional installation crew to meet your needs.  All Idaho Stove Works installations and relines are completed with a two-man team consisting of our Journeyman/NFI Certified Master Hearth Technician and an apprentice.  We take great strides to make sure all installations and relines meet local, state & national code.  We do pull permits as required by city, county, or state law and follow strict guidelines to protect the integrity of your home.  We are happy to offer free consultations on any proposed installation and/or reline.

Annual Inspections:  

For some, an annual inspection is a requirement based on what kind of activities go on inside the home. Certified Family Housing, Professional Child Care Facilities; Assisted Living Facilities; State Aided Housing; and many others require Certified Annual Inspections to m‚Äčaintain their certification. Idaho Stove Works is certified to inspect your gas, wood, or pellet burning appliance and supply you with documentation.  Our inspections state whether or not appliance/fireplace meets: NFPA 211 Standards for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliance code; International Residential, International Fuel Gas, & International Mechanical Code; Idaho Division of Building Safety requirements; and individual manufacturer specifications. 


A gas stove or fireplace is convenient and efficient, but it does require a little attention to ensure it remains safe and trouble-free. The HPBA (Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association) recommends having your gas burning appliance professionally serviced and inspected at least once a year. An Idaho Stove Works annual service includes: full cleaning of pilot assembly and burners; check of all the safety systems; checking the gas valve, and testing the ignition system. Venting is also inspected for deterioration, leaks, and obstructions. Idaho Stove Works always recommends a carbon monoxide detector in addition to smoke detectors, and replacing the batteries during an annual visit. Annual maintenance should ensure that your gas burning appliance will keep you cozy and comfortable for years to come.  


As with any appliance, sometimes problems occur.  Some common issues with gas stoves/inserts are:  pilot light won't ignite or stay lit; the fire is not equally distributed; you are getting soot or debris build up; you have strange or odd odors; or you hear stra‚Äčnge sounds.  Idaho Stove Works NFI Certified technicians can troubleshoot and repair most problems.

Gas Sources:  

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Idaho Stove Works can service, repair, and perform maintenance on most major brands of gas or pellet appliances.  No matter where you bought your free standing stove or fireplace insert, our NFI Certified technicians can troubleshoot and repair most problems.

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