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Chimney Sweeping:  $119*:  Idaho Stove Works certified technicians clean and check: chimney, flue or pipe system; caps; firebox, smoke shelf & damper function; and everything in-between.  All chimney sweeps include a basic Level I inspection.  This service takes between 60 - 90 minutes depending on the complexity.  Additional charges could include: pulling an insert; chemical treatments; lift charges (if chimney top is not accessible by ladder); excessive or heavily creosoted flues and/or pipes; video inspection; and/or trip charges if you live outside our normal service area.  Any replacement of parts or materials will be charge accordingly.  Our techs will discuss with you any added charges before performing service.

Gas Annual Service: $119 (returning customers):  An Idaho Stove Works annual service includes: full cleaning of pilot assembly and burners; check of all the safety systems; checking the gas valve, and testing the ignition system. Venting is also inspected for deterioration, leaks, and obstructions. 

Gas Service/Diagnostic/Repair:   $139:  If you are a new customer - thank you for choosing us.  In order to properly service and/or diagnose any problems your stove may face, we need a clean place to start.  The gas diagnostic service starts with an annual service to prepare your appliance for a diagnosis.  We are then able to pinpoint where any issues may be.  Idaho Stove Works does stock most basic gas parts and those parts will be replaced at time of service.  In the event we need to order specialized parts, customer will be subject to a second service call charge.  

Gas Repair Service:  $89 hour:  This charge applies only in the event of a second visit to install special ordered parts.  Parts & materials will be charged accordingly.

Pellet Annual Service:  $179:  The Annual Pellet Service includes: full check of all electrical components including the convection fan, combustion motor, and auger motor; lubrication of fans & motors; power sweeping of venting pipe from stove to termination; internal cleaning of air channels, burn pot, and ash trap; check of door & window gaskets for leaks; adjustment of air dampers; plus more.  This service can take between 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours.

Pellet Diagnostic:  $199:  In order to properly diagnose any problems your pellet stove may face, we need a clean place to start.  The Pellet diagnostic includes:  everything in the annual pellet service with a more detailed diagnosis of existing issues.  We have found that a lot of pellet stove issues are the result of a dirty appliance.  Since there are so many brands of pellet stoves, Idaho Stove Works does not stock pellet parts.  In the event we need to order specialized parts, customer will be subject to a second service call charge.  This diagnostic service can take between 2 - 3 hours.

Pellet Repair Service:  $89 hour:  This charge applies only in the event of a second visit to install special ordered parts.  Parts & materials will be charged accordingly.

Installations/Relines:  $300 +:  Installation & reline labor starts at $300 and goes up.  This price varies depending on the complexity of the installation.  We are happy to offer free consultations on any proposed installation and/or reline.  Trip charge may apply depending on your location.

Inspections:  $0 - $279:  Inspections do not include any cleaning, service, or repairs.  In the event your appliance requires servicing, we will move you to the appropriate service category.  If you require a certified report with your service, a $29 fee will be charged.

  • Inlcuded – Level I Inspections are included in Annual Service for all wood, gas & pellet appliances & chimney sweepings.

  • $29 – Level I Inspection Certified Report – If you require a certified report after a service

  • $99 – Chimney Safety Check – Applies only to masonry chimney & open fireplaces and does not include any cleaning or service.  If you system needs to be cleaned, we will upgrade your service to a chimney sweeping.

  • $129 – Certified Family Housing and/or Assisted Living Facility annual inspection or any other State required hearth inspection.  Includes certified inspection report. 

  • $279 - Level II Inspections for real estate and/or insurance.  This includes a full detailed report along with video/photograph documentation. 

Trip Charges:  $19 - $39+:  Idaho Stove Works services most of South Eastern Idaho and trip charges apply when service location is 25 miles or more outside of Pocatello.  If you are outside of our normal service area, a trip charge will apply.  For more information on trip charges give us a call.

Idaho Stove Works encourages you to shop around for service, and when you do please keep a few things in mind.

  • Is the company & service technicians licensed?  The Idaho Department of Building Safety requires that any company or technician hold a journeyman license in order to install or modify hearth appliances and the associated gas lines.  This licensed is also required when pulling installation permits.  Installation or modification without proper licensing could cause your insurance company to refuse a claim in the event of a fire.
  • Is the company bonded & insured?  Any company or service technician working on your hearth appliance should carry both local & State bonds.  They should also carry a generous liability insurance policy.  Don’t assume that everyone carries these – always feel free to ask for documentation.
  • Does the company and/or service technician have any other credentials?  The State of Idaho does not regulate chimney sweeps or repair technicians of hearth appliances.  Anyone can advertise and/or offer chimney cleaning or repair services.  Proper education and training is vital when the life of your family is at stake.
  • Is the company brand specific?  Will they work on brands other than what they sell?
  • How long has the company been in business?   

These are just a few questions to ask when looking for someone to service your hearth and/or hearth appliance.  Remember, you are putting your family’s safety in someone else’s hand.  Make sure that someone else has your best interest at heart!

Idaho Stove Works does not guarantee that all appliances can be repaired.  Age, condition, improper usage and many other factors may indicate end of life of a unit and require an appliance and/or fireplace, vent and/or chimney to be deemed unsafe for operation.  If this is the case, Idaho Stove Works will discuss with you any options you may have.

Idaho Stove Works, LLC does not use flat rate pricing for work that we do not know the true scope of.  The amount of work required to properly clean and/or service your fireplace, stove, or chimney can be affected by many variables which we cannot know until we arrive.  All rates displayed are for the first hour of service and are per unit.  Each additional hour will be billed at a standard hourly rate of $89.00 per hour.  Multiple units services at same service receive 10% discount.