ISW brings the Heat

The installation process can vary depending on the circumstances or stove designation in your home.  Some common installs regarding gas, wood and pellet appliances range from inserts installed into an existing open masonry fireplace to framed in zero-clearance units to freestanding stoves vented through a wall or roof.  Each install is different and Idaho Stove Works has trained professionals in all these applications.  

Before an install, Idaho Stove Works performs an onsite inspection (trip charges may apply depending on your location) to discuss with you the process, location and performance of your insert or stove.  It is our goal at the end of every installation to leave you well educated on the safety and operation of your new appliance.

Whether you purchased your stove from us, another retailer, or online, Idaho Stove Works has a professional installation crew to meet your needs.  All Idaho Stove Works installations and relines are completed with a two-man team consisting of our Journeyman/NFI Certified Master Hearth Technician Todd and an apprentice.  We take great strides to make sure all installations and relines meet local, state & national code. We pull permits as required by city, county, or state law and follow strict guidelines to protect the integrity of your home. We are happy to offer free consultations on any proposed installation and/or reline.  Installations of stoves purchased from other retailers or online are only scheduled in our "off season" in the months March thru July.


Installing a Used Stove

Idaho Stove Works is happy to install a used stove under the following conditions:

  1. The stove must meet EPA Certifications.
  2. The stove must pass Idaho Stove Works Used Stove Inspection Policy.
  3. Used stove installations are only scheduled in our "off season" in the months March thru July.

If you have any questions at anytime, please call us @ 208-530-0320.

Just a Peek at What we've Done

Venting Installation

​Venting is the single most important aspect to any installation.  The purpose of venting is to safely vent hazardous gases from your home.  Idaho Stove Works uses & installs a professional grade venting product.  There are multiple brand manufactures out there and it is important to know that venting is not interchangeable between brands. 

Used Venting:  Idaho Stove Works follows a strict policy of not installing used venting.  Used venting cannot be guaranteed or warranted.