Unfortunately, Idaho Stove Works cannot give you an exact time for our arrival.  Unforseen events at a previous appointments or weather conditions can delay the next appointment.  Idaho Stove Works schedules in either morning or afternoon appointments in time blocks of "9:00 - 1:00" and "1:00 - 5:00". 

In order to prepare for your appointment, we ask the following:

1.  We will need to have inside access to your home to clean and/or service your system.  In the event of an inspection, we may also need to access your attic. 

2.  Please remove any valuable, fragile or irreplaceable items from the stove/fireplace and hearth area.  We are not responsible for broken items if not removed around the work area prior to our arrival.  We need a minimum 7’ x 7’ area in front of the appliance for our tools & cleaning supplies.

3.  Please do not have a fire in your fireplace or stove for a minimum of 12 hours before our visit.  You don’t need to clean out any ash or wood, we’ll take care of that.

4.  For a gas or pellet units, please turn off at least 4 hours before our visit.  We cannot service and/or clean a hot appliance.

5.  Since most services call for us to be in and out or your home, please secure your furry family members.

6.  Payment is due at the time of service unless previously arranged.  Idaho Stove Works accepts cash & checks.  Credit and/or debit card are accepted with an additional 3% convenience fee.

7.  Cancellation Policy:  In the event that you, our customer, needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment, Idaho Stove Works requests a minimum 24 hours notice.  In respect for your time and ours, in the event that you are not home when we arrive, Idaho Stove Works reserves the right to invoice you a non-cancellation fee of no less than $39.00.  Non-cancellation fees vary depending on your location and could include trip charge fees if your location is outside of 10 miles from Pocatello.