How Far We've Come:

Idaho Stove Works works hard so you know we are here.  The Spring Fair 2014 was a great time to meet our customers and make new friends.  We were fortunate to have Bob and Keaton join us to demonstrate fun new products.

About Us

From Cindy posted on Angie's List January 2015

I had a chimney fire due to a lot of creosote build up. Due to the fire, there was also glazing. Todd and Drew spent 2 1/2 hours cleaning the main fireplace and the fireplace downstairs. They were very professional and knowledgable in their craft. I would recommend Idaho Stove Works to anybody who needs chimney work. Do not wait for a fire before call them. Have your chimney cleaned every Fall. Thank you Todd and Nancy

June 2014

Todd & Nancy ~ Thank you for doing such an excellent job.  We appreciate what you did for us in such a timely and professional way.  Thank you

The Matkin's

A Word from our Customers

It is important to all of us here at Idaho Stove Works that we have built an "after the service" relationship with our customers.  Through these last years, we have met some of the neatest, coolest people on earth.  As much as they have appreciated our service, we appreciate their business, so a big "THANK YOU" to our customers who became our friends.  We couldn't do what we do without you!  

Idaho Stove Works started as a mobile service & repair company in November 2012 based out of American Falls, ID. We are family owned and operated.  

From Bob posted on Angie's List October 2014

I wanted to have my chimney inspected, as we had not had it done in quite a few years. Several years ago, I searched for a business of this type and wasn't able to find on in my area, so, I let it go. The Woodburning stove in my home isn't the primary source of heat in my home, but a very relied upon "backup". I got the contact information from a local Woodburning stove dealer, contacted them and made an appointment. A few days later, they did show up, unexpectedly, but I believe the confusion as to date and time of the appointment was my fault. What I was looking for from them, was a stove door, to chimney cap inspection of the setup in my hour and I feel that is exactly what I got. They climbed on the roof, shined a VERY bright light inside, using a camera, they were able to show me just how bad off my chimney was. When service companies tell you "Oh, yea, it's in bad shape (whatever that thing is) you kinda just have to take their word for it. Tough to know otherwise if it's not something you know about yourself, or its the inside of a 20 foot chimney. The bottom line is, they inspected it, found it to be unsafe to use, had photographs to back up the need for repair and justify the verdict of "unsafe". These people were VERY friendly, professional and seemed genuinely concerned that I understood how serious the need for repair before next use was. Not for the need of their business, but for the safety of my family. Had I used this system without having it inspected this season, could have ended in a story on the news. The bad news is, the repair estimate is between 800 and 1000 dollars.  Even if I have to pay a little more, I would still probably swing in the direction of Idaho Stove Works. Besides what I have told you here, I just have a good feeling about the kind of people they are. 

In early 2014, Todd took his education to a higher level by gaining his Master Hearth Professional credentials from the National Fireplace Institute.  He is currently the only MHP in the State of Idaho.

In November 2014, Todd headed back East to learn and train in all the aspects of HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant.  This education and certification make Idaho Stove Works one of the only authorized trained installers of HeatShield in the State of Idaho.

September 2017 we realized a five year dream by opening up our own retail showroom in Pocatello.  At that time we brought on an administrative assistant and two field apprentices.  We are located at  1219 Yellowstone Ave and we look forward to years of "bringing the heat" to Southeastern Idaho.

Todd has been in the hearth industry since 1994.  Between 1994 and 2009 he worked primarily in the retail segment working his way up from parts runner to lead sales.  He left the retail world in 2009 and started Idaho Stove Works as a chimney cleaning company in Boise, ID.  

In 2012 Todd and Nancy moved back to their hometown of American Falls, ID and brought Idaho Stove Works to South Eastern Idaho.  Since coming back, Todd and Nancy have expanded the scope of services from chimney sweeping to include service and repair of all things wood, gas and pellet, inspections and installations.